I’ve never done this before!

Well, I guess you’ve all heard that before!

Welcome to my Digital Literacy blog. I’m studying the Queen’s University’s online English Specialist course, and our focus is digital literacy.

Problem is I like to think I’m digitally literate but, really, I’m not. Just a big kid with big ideas and no techie know-how (Freudian slip: I actually wrote no-how!).

Our prof is challenging us all to put our money where our mouth is; that is, to do what the cool kidz do and make our own digital lessons. After all, we expect it of our classroom, don’t we?

I’m pretty much a wannabe geek. I’m an English teacher, secondary, that’s a second career. Journalism came first, p.r. came second, classrooms came third. Starting teaching English (and various other subjects) in alternative around 10 years ago. Love alternative! Love my underdogs! But I digress…

Three years ago, sold everything and moved abroad, first Dubai, then Kuala Lumpur. Private colleges run by tough Brits! And I knew nothing! An amazing education and experience for me; teaching at Tenby in particularly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Because they put me through my paces fast, I became H.O.D. English, stayed in Kuala Lumpur for two years. Used a smartboard and created all lesson plans on Powerpoints. Thought I was pr-e-tt-y sophisticated, let me tell you!

Last year, I returned to the first Ontario school I taught in; back to alternative. L.T.O. in English, Adult Alternative. Loved it! But oops! No permanent English jobs! Co-op beckoned…to stay with the high school I love as a permanent fixture, had to take co-op AQ and got the job.

Right now, teaching high-risk co-op, but my heart yearns for English.

Well, I thought it did, till I started Hugh’s course!

Love the reading, love the thinking, love the writing…but the blogging, pretizi-ing, etc. are such a challenge.

Cross your fingers for me, please, and welcome to my world!

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